Sunday, 28 October 2012

Autumn on The Farm

It's harvest time here.

The little boys started out watching the spectacle from the top of our climbing frame.

I thought they should get a little closer to the action!

So we took a  little walk up our lane, to the next  field-but-one to our garden

to watch the harvesting of the corn field that we took pictures in the other day ...

It was really interesting, and Stitch was pretty insistent on staying to watch the whole field be done.

It was amazing how quickly it was all cut down, but we didn't quite stay till the end.

The sun was incredible and made shooting (and filming on a screen I couldn't see at all) a BIT of a challenge,

but ultimately it added to the atmosphere in the images!

I love living here!

Friday, 26 October 2012

Autumn in the Forest

Monday, 15 October 2012

You Capture ~ Autumn

Well I guess it really is here then...

~ time for early evening sundown...

~ weather that can't make up it's mind...
(rainbows with no rain!)

~ walks just to admire the colours...

~ animals bedding down for the winter...
(a badger set on our lane)

~ hedgerows feeding the birds ready for those cold days ahead...

~ fields getting ready to yield their crop, for us and the animals...

and time for us snuggle down with some comfort food!
(that's my very first toad-in-the-hole)

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

You Capture ~ The Things I Love

It doesn't get much easier than this... there are SO many things I love, in my life and in my world! I'll try to keep it short..!

I ♥ my not-so-little baby

 ~ soon to be 2yr old in Dec.

 How did 2 years fly by so very fast?
It seems like only yesterday I took this shot, but in fact it was exactly a year ago - the weather was so different last year!

I ♥ my Misters ~ all three of them...

(Taz ~ my amazing drumhead ~ makes me a proud Mummy!)

I ♥ my Beauties ~ I have three of those too!

And my Troublesome-Treasures ~ that beautiful blend!

I love the bonds I see growing amongst the children and watching the dynamics between them all...
I love my Nanna
 ~ and I love having her live close now, so that my children can get to love her too :D

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Then, when I step outside my door, I see even more that I love...

I DON'T love the COLD, 

but I do love the autumn....

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