Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Communal Global ~ "Today ~ Bramble Flowers"

I'm REALLY enjoying the flowers just now :D

To join in and see other people's pictures around the world head on over to Communal Global TODAY, and link up to them in your post and into everyone else below :D ~ See you there!!

Sunday, 27 June 2010

SOOC Saturday (Sunday) ~ More Summer...

Nothing to add ~ we're just enjoying summer and all it has to offer :D!!
~ You can see the edits of some of these on my flickr page ~ link at the bottom of the blog :)
(Yes last weeks picture was a radish, this weeks is my flowering runner-beans).

To join in with SOOC Sat/Sun head on over to Melody's

Friday, 25 June 2010

FIX-IT-FRIDAY - #.60- "Teen!"

This week over at iheartfaces it 'all about teens' ~ so I guess it's only fitting that the fix-it this week is a teen too!
This Susan's teenager (and her original)

And here are my edits ~ as ever in 3 programs (just for fun!)


Edit One
  • auto tone, punch 
  • clarity +89, vibrance 43, contrast 57, recovery 20
  • Portrait sharpen preset
  • crop to portrait 5x7~ exclude lamp-posts and grey box-thing in the background.
  • darks 23,  lights 19,  hightlights -23, shadows -19.  


Edit two
  • Create Virtual copy of edit one
  • apply 'direct positive' preset
  • highlight recover 100, contrast 45, sharpening 53,
  • Luminance smoothing 17,  detail 8, contrast 18
  • Colour Noise reduction 15, detail 91


Edit Three
  • virtual copy of edit two
  • used preset Ilford Delta 100 (from HERE)
  • contrast 71, black clipping 37, shadow tones -51, lights 16, Darks -35

Edit Four
  • Virtual Copy of Edit One
  • Apply Maple Syrup Kiss (from Photo Flavors)
  • adjusted darks to -59


Edit A

  • Opened in ACR and fiddled till I liked it :D!
  • Cropped to 5x7 portrait.

Edit B
  • Duplicated image and then dup'd background layer
  • Used CoffeeShop Vintage Honey action
  • changed purple color fill layer to 70& opacity
  • deleted color fade layer entirely
  • Used 'grants tools' curves adjustment to make quite a severe S curve.
  • Flatten & Save for the web.


Edit C
  • Duplicate Edit A
  • Apply Coffeshop Johnna's Tea Party action
  • Changed Hazy layer to 8% opacity
  • Changed Contrast layer to 36%
  • Flatten & Save for Web


Edit G1
  • cropped to 5x7 using rectangle select and 'crop to selection'
  • duplicated  layer ~ used curves (severe S again)
  • dup'ed layer ~ adjusted contrast and brightness
  • dup'd layer ~ used Lasm's LAB Color Punch script ~ adjusted layers to taste
  • used Vibrant Colors script ~ adjusted layers to taste
  • Dup'd top layer and used Eg High-Pass Filter Sharpen (lowered opacity)
  • Flatten & Save for Web.


Edit G2
  • Duplicated Edit G1
  • free selected his face and created a layer mask with it on a new layer
  • Used Edge Mask Sharpen ~ applied the mask and reduced the opacity of the layer to taste
  • deselected everything.
  • Made a second duplicate edit of G1, converted to B&W
  • copy and pasted the B&W image into this one as a new layer ~ changed to 'soft light mode' but left opacity at 100%
  • Flatten and Save for Web

Edit G3

  • Using the desaturated copy of G1 created in G2...
  • Duplicated as new layer
  • Used curves to create contrast ~ severe S again
  • Added a new layer with a 'deep red' foreground colour ~ set to 'colour' mode opacity 14
  • Added a new layer with 'mid brown' foreground colour ~ Set to 'overlay' @ 43.8 opacity
  • Duplicated the desaturated layer and dragged it to the top ~ set to 'soft light' @ 36.4 opacity
  • Flatten and Save for Web.

That's all for today ~ hope you like!

I toyed with rotations and different crops.
I considered 'liquid' stretching the background, but it's a lot of work and I wasn't sure it would work well anyhow.
I wanted the whole thing to be a lot sharper, but this was difficult with the big crop.
Overall I'm happy!
I think Edits 3, C & G3 are my favourites..

Now to join in the fun head on over to FIX-IT-FRIDAY...

Thursday, 24 June 2010

You Capture - "How Low Can You Go!!" / Best Shot

I love shooting from LOW down  ~ and do it often.
These were all taken today, in bright, bright (hot) sun ~ being LOW really helped!
The ones of my daughter with her doll were taken from so far away she was oblivious to my camera ~ such a good thing!

To join in with YOU CAPTURE visit BETH ~ she mingles with the famous!! :D
To join in with BEST SHOT visit Lolli :D

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

I ♥ Faces - - Week 25 ~ “Celebrating Teens”

This week at iheartfaces it all about teens...

I had quite a few shots I could have chosen from, but I love this one of MY teen (my first teen). 

We had gone to a play 'farm' for the day, where the barn was full of hay bales and my kids had a ball playing 'armies' in amongst them. This shot to me is the essence of the bridge between kid and man that IS teenhood. He has style, he has physique, but he still has a whole of lot of fun and kid-play left in him. He is happy (not grumpy yet) and life shines in his eyes! I love my teen :) !!

Today ~ Celebrating Dad!

Last Sunday was Father Day, but round here we celebrate 'Dad' every day ~ he's awesome!!
And just to prove it he baked an AWESOME Steak & Kidney pie ~ and signed it!! :D

To join in with 'Today' just link up below :D

Saturday, 19 June 2010

SOOC Saturday ~ Summer...

Ok, so pie isn't really about 'summer' but this was one awesome Steak and Kidney Pie ~ made by Dad, FOR Dad ~ though he did share it graciously!! 

Early Summer is about...Little boys enjoying the evening sunshine ...

...The first of our home-grown veg!

...My 6yr old daughter mastering riding her bike in our leafy lane, with her big sister
 ~ SO summer!

...Learning outside in the garden, instead of inside, or in some stuffy classroom (I'd have loved to have been my children)!

..And teaching my children about the important things in life ~ like how to get honey from the suckle! :D

What makes you think of summer..?
Share your thoughts on this, or anything you like over at Melody's today (or tomorrow) :D

BEST SHOT - Sharing Summer!

Today I just want to share a little summer with you  all..!

I hope that's brightened your day! :D

Now head on over to Lolli's for more Best Shots ...



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