Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Texture Tuesday

Joining in with Kim's little Linky Do, using her 'golden' texture (amongst others!)

mouse over to see the 'before'

Communal Global ~ "Around the World" in macro!

I had my birthday a couple of weeks ago. My present was a day or two late (the delivery man couldn't find our house!!), but when it came it made me happy... A wide-angle/macro adapter for my camera, just a little screw on thing, but it's got me some lovely shots so far... 

Enjoy this summer macro feast!!

To join in with Communal Global today just link up to your post below :) ~ Shimples!

Sunday, 19 June 2011


My beautiful Aunty died this week ~ she was just 53 years old and leaves behind a 16 year old son, and a devastated husband. She predeceased her mother and her older sister of 8 years. We are all very sad. 

These were the hardest pictures I have ever taken, but I wanted to immortalise just a little of who she was and her last few days here with us. They will be a treasure to us one day, I'm sure of it, even if right now they are a little raw.
(if you can't see the pictures I'm sorry ~ they're friends and family only on Flickr & I'm keeping it that way)

RIP our precious Debbie ~ we all miss you so very much already :-(

Fix-It Friday #103 - Susan's Family

I did five fixes (super quick) in Lightroom, using home-made JPG presets (as I know Susan shoot JPG!)

Which one you prefer will I think be purely determined by the kind of tones you like, all of which are achieved with little tweeks of the spit tones ~ I actually can't decide!!

Edit One (my basic one-click edit!)


Edit Two (warm glow)


Edit Three


Edit Four


Edit Five (Blue/Gold)

Please leave comments and then head on over and take a look at some other great fixes over at iheartfaces ~ See you there!!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Black & White Wednesday.

the long road

Today is my Birthday...

I wanted to feel different...

My daughter had been wanting short(er) hair for a long time, so she followed suite...

She look dolly ~ it really suits her (although I was a little sad to see her locks falling to the floor) :-)

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

To join in with some B&W fun head on over to Lisa's.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Communal Global ~ "Around the World" ~ Birthdays

June is a month of Birthdays in our house (AND Father's day)!

Paul (Daddy) already had his, but it was a bit of a flop really ~ the kids had just all got back from camp and the weekend seemed full of them and their stories. Sorry honey :-(

Then DD is next ~ he had a great day. He's asked for a camera and a teddy bear, so we bought him the camera to add on to his Leapster Explorer and took him to Build-a-Bear in the afternoon ~ one HAPPY boy!

Here's one of my favourite shot of the day ~ the other is in the collage - where is opening his Lego Sticker book - you can see what he felt about that!

The rest of the pictures I've story-boarded as there were so many :-)

Tomorrow it's my birthday ~ I've decided to do something drastic ~ watch for pictures in a day or so..!

Friday, 10 June 2011

You Capture - Flowers

This week's theme was a little easy and thereby irresistible.
All these shots are no more than a month old - I LOVE shooting flowers!
The last few are last week's captures (it's rained all week this week!)

Aliums ~ simply stunning, but so short lived :(

Pear blossom

Elderflower (heralding our supposed summer..!)





Paeonies (beautiful 'double' ones!)

My poor paeony bushes have not endured all the wind and rain well ~ their glorious blooms bowing sadly down and hiding their heads in the grass :( ~ Any tips??

My other bush however seems a lot more robust and is really spendid to notice as you draw up to the house!

But not all the beauty to be seen is in the planted variety ~ I really love some of the 'weeds' on my lawn..

Not only are the so daintily pretty, but the bees love them too!

Sometimes we miss the minor beauties in life, because we are too busy focusing on the more obvious..

Remember to bend down and see life in detail...

Often the best things in life are right at the end of our fingertips toes!!

To see more beautiful flowers this week, head on over to Beth's ~ see you there!

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