Monday, 29 November 2010

I ♥ Faces - Photo-Challenge – Scenic B&W

I had quite a few pictures I could have chosen from today and it was a tough choice to make, but this one just reminds me of lazy summer days ~ a far cry from the deep frost that surround us right now! 

As this weeks challenge doesn't require faces to be clearly in view it works :D

I took this one day when the kids and I went for a long walk. I loved the way they laid down in the grass for a short rest, just in front of this beautiful old farmhouse. 

To join in with this weeks's challenge, head on over to and link up with your best 'Scenic BW' :D

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Communal Global: Tuesday's Around the World ~ In The Eyes of BRIAN!

I just want to put my 13yo son's photos 'out there' ~ I think he is getting a BIT good and I'd love it if some of you photography folks would hop on over to Flickr and befriend him. 
His name is not Brian, but it's a name he uses around the web a bit (amongst others) ~ who knows the working of the teen' mind!?


Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Black & White Wednesday # 10

It's been a few weeks since I joined in here, but I wanted to share these shots with you ~ taken at the end of last week, whilst Stitch was absorbed in Peppa Pig on the Wii!

It's hard to get shots indoors this time of year ~ there are so few hours of bright enough light to get away without using a flash (and my on-camera flash is seriously horrid), or drastically ruining the picture by ramping up the ISO.
Thankfully Lightroom3 is pretty clever with noise and I love the way these turned out.
He looks so very serious, but he really is a major mischief, always with a cheeky grin on his face ;)

To join in head over to Lisa's blog, as check out her beautiful new daughter if you haven't already..! :D

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Communal Global ~ "Around the World"

This month on CG we are documenting the things we are thankful for.

Today I am thankful for where I live, but as I'm not really going anywhere much these days (just simply too painfully uncomfortable at 38/40), I'm sharing a few images from this time LAST year.

This is my home, zoomed in from about half a mile away as the crow flies, but you can't walk straight that way, as the ground between where I stood and my home is not safe to walk on ~ it's a floating peat bog (Wybunbury Moss)! I took this last autumn ~ I just LOVE the colours.

This is alongside our lane.

This is the entrance way to the 'inner moss' ~ the peat bog itself. There is a safe-path around part of it.

Part of the walk around 'the moss' that we take on a regular basis (when I can).

A view of the 'inner moss' ~ the peat bog.

As you can see, nothing much appears to grow here (except bull-rushes), as the actual surface is not very deep, but it is a hive of rare wildlife and some 'exclusive' species of insects and plants. The trees that surround the bog blow down on a regular basis, as the soil is simply to shallow to support their weight. Underneath the bog is a deep lake!

Our Village pub ~ delicious grub served here!!

Another little bit of the walk.

And the 'feel' of the place :D

I hope you've enjoyed a glimpse into my world ~ now show us a glimpse of what you are thankful for in yours :)
Link up below and to Communal Global.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Fix-It-Friday #78

This weeks lovely image was from Susan Keller.

5188997359_f39e95afa6_o (1)
I couldn’t see a good deal wrong with it, other than perhaps her son’s face is a little too in shadow.


Here are my edits (this week done entirely in PSE7 for a change). 

Sorry there’s no ‘how I did it’ either this week, I’m simply too tired and sore to sit at the PC for that long.  38/40 ~ not long to go now!

Edit One


Edit Two

(textures by Kim Klassen)

Edit Three


Verdict ~ the first two edits are quite ‘sharp’ but I wanted that with the textures. 
The last is less sharp (only really sharpened his eyelashes), but the softness works too!  
I can’t choose between 1 & 3!  :) 

I’m a little late (like a whole day) posting this up, but I hope you will comment. To join in with your own edits hop on over to Iheartfaces.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

I ♥ Faces - Photography Contest ~ Orange

OK ~ so probably not my best shot ever, but definitely ORANGE! 
This was our first shot at Pumpkin Carving and it was great fun! ~ see the result here...

To join in with this weeks ORANGE challenge, link up over at iheartfaces  ~ See You there!

Communal Global ~ "Around the World"

Today ~ I just wanted to share my ENORMity with you!

I had to stand skew to get my toes to show ~ not so easy!

37wks on Friday ~ Praying for early.
I have a history of really late, but this one simply HAS to come on time ~ we have plans for Christmas! Not only that ~ my hips are shot!

To join in with Communal Global Tuesday LINK UP below :D



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Social Butterfly Award :D

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