Friday, 30 September 2011

You Capture ~ Green...

Warning ~ spiders!

If can cope than keep going slowly and admire these amazing creatures up close and personal!!

If you can't scroll quickly!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ok ~ that's the spiders done with, but I have another creepy crawly about the house these days...

It's been lovely to let Baby crawl about outside this week...

Whilst we have been enjoying a dose of 'Indian summer'

It's not normal for blue skies at the end of September to herald 26C weather, rather they usually bring a deep chill ~ but not this week :-)

This week we got to revel in Summer's last foray ~ about time too ~ this is the best weather we've had since April!!

And next week it will be over ~ and we will be back to wooly jumpers, and lighting fires before we know it.

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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

ATW Tuesday ~ Family Time

My husband plays the slide trombone ~ only when I say 'plays', these days it's more that he can than he does. The instrument has been lurking in the corner of our study since we moved house over 2 years ago, and I think it was at least a year before we moved since it was last out of it's case. BUT for whatever reason, he came home from work last week and got it out ~ in all it's shiny loveliness. The kids had a great time blowing and sliding and laughing as Daddy played various silly little ditties. He needs to do that more often..! Of course I grabbed my camera ;-)

(click to see this one bigger and look at the reflections in the brass).

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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Communal Global ~ Around the World Tuesday ~ New Things...

Baby is all about new experiences these days...

The big kids took him on the trampoline...


He loved banging on the mat,

He loved being bounced pretty hard,

I'm not so sure he loved the inevitable repeat of his lunch!

He's also discovered mirrors ~ this was taken the split second between laughing at kissing himself and ...

...serious fury!

Babies are too funny!

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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Good 2 Wow ~ Before & After

Shoot and Edit: Week 36

As you know I didn't stick to the night theme, but I did have to do some noise reduction!

Mouse-over to see the before (on each one)

Colour Edit

BW Edit

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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

B&W Wednesday ~ How I see it...


Part One

You know sometimes I think I am a Black & White girl.

I simply see life that way ~ and often struggle to find the grey.

It stands to reason then that I just LOVE images in monochrome.

There's something about that light and contrast that just grabs at me.

Part Two ~ Here Comes Trouble!

It was back-to-school in my home this week ~ homeschool that is...

and everybody has been busy, busy, busy...

So now life beats to a different drum...

Baby has been busy getting mobile...

He's mobile, inquisitive, and dangerous!!

Fortunately, for now he is briefly containable!

He's discovered his 'will' 

...and how to make us yield to it!

Most often the children crumble before I do...

but that's OK!

Even if they do bounce him on his belly, JUST after lunch...

(with the inevitable results..!)

...he loves them very much :-)

Seriously it's hard not to succumb ~ he is so irresistibly adorable!

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POST-SCRIPT ~ it seems BW Wednesday is no more over on Lisa's blog :-( ~ she's starting something new on a Friday instead ~ maybe visit her then. 

Texture Tuesday ~ Autumnal "Do"

Joining in today with Kim's Texture Tuesday ~ her theme this week was 'DO'.

There wasn't much this poor butterfly could DO, but hang on tight whilst the wind blew VERY hard against our trampoline net ~ it was there quite some time, going nowhere in a hurry, just trying to survive!

(Mouse over to see all the 'before' images)

These Lillies were my 2nd gift from Paul ~ in celebration of our 16 years of "I Do!"

All edited with Kim's 'Autumn Burst' texture.

Link op over HERE.



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