Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A little Bit of Black & White

This week I'm just going to share a few of my favourite BW portraits of friends and relations from this week and last ~ enjoy!

(I NEVER do selfie's, but this one turned out OK!)

(totally over-exposed, but I love it anyway!)

(ok - I know this isn't a portrait, but I really liked it, so it's gets in anyway!!)

To share your B&W Wednesday with us all, head on over to Lisa's and link in ~ see you there!

Monday, 28 March 2011

Communal Global ~ Tuesdays Around the World!

I won't really being sharing a Tuesday, but rather a Sunday...

It was time to say goodbye to our long-standing elder and his family, as they head of into new ministry.

Goodbyes are always hard, but gladly they are staying local for a little while yet.

Of course, goodbyes are always a nice excuse for a nosh-up together too :D!!

And mealtimes are always great for families ~ big extended church families ~ they are the best!!

Share some of your 'today' (or any day) with us over at Communal Global, just link-up and link-in :D ~ C U there!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Photo Challenge ~ "Slice of Life"

I love this weeks challenge ~ slices of life are what my photo albums are full of ~ anyone who's ever looked at my flickr stream will know that!!
But which slice do I enter for a competition ~ with 8 children there are no shortages of choice!!

Here is one of my recent favourites ~ it just fills me with joy to see the way my older children care so well for the younger ones :-)

In this picture (click to see full resolution), TP is helping Stitch around an obstacle race they had set up in the garden on the first warm T-shirt worthy day we've had this year...

To join in with this weeks challenge, head on over to I ♥ Faces, read the rules and link up your favourite 'slice of life' :D

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

My Colourful Black & White Week!


At Last the weather seems to realise that SPRING is here :D

We had family visiting last weekend so we took the opportunity to catch some rays!

It's hard to keep the children inside when the sun is shining too, so I didn't try ~ school went al fresco on the first really, properly warm day of 2011

My babies (Solomon & Seth (aka my camera))enjoyed the sunshine too!

To join in with Black & White Wednesday head on over to Lisa's beautiful blog...
To hook up with YOU CAPTURE (whose theme this week was 'youth', so I thought this post fit the bill rather well), head on over to Beth's...

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Black & White Wednesday.

This week I eventually got my very first DSLR ~ a Nikon D5000

This is my very first shot with it (on full auto).

Next shot..on portrait 'scene' mode

...and minutes later into manual mode :D

I am so grateful for all that my Canon S3 bridge/superzoom taught me ~ to be able to shoot manual within minutes of having a 'big girl's camera' in my hands felt like a dream come true :D

At the weekend we went away to stay with friends and visit family ~ I went in search of pretty light ~ and found this!

On return home, I took the kids outside to my 'white wall studio' (the wall of our house) and got busy...

And then into the garden looking for sunflare (for this weeks iheartfaces entry)

Today, after reading this tutorial, I went in search of 'inside' light...

...and had some fun with it!

And a Splash of Colour...

After all ~ Spring is all about the emergence of colour after the grey of winter :D

Now hop on over to Lisa's blog to see so many more beautiful B&W images :D

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