Friday, 25 June 2010

FIX-IT-FRIDAY - #.60- "Teen!"

This week over at iheartfaces it 'all about teens' ~ so I guess it's only fitting that the fix-it this week is a teen too!
This Susan's teenager (and her original)

And here are my edits ~ as ever in 3 programs (just for fun!)


Edit One
  • auto tone, punch 
  • clarity +89, vibrance 43, contrast 57, recovery 20
  • Portrait sharpen preset
  • crop to portrait 5x7~ exclude lamp-posts and grey box-thing in the background.
  • darks 23,  lights 19,  hightlights -23, shadows -19.  


Edit two
  • Create Virtual copy of edit one
  • apply 'direct positive' preset
  • highlight recover 100, contrast 45, sharpening 53,
  • Luminance smoothing 17,  detail 8, contrast 18
  • Colour Noise reduction 15, detail 91


Edit Three
  • virtual copy of edit two
  • used preset Ilford Delta 100 (from HERE)
  • contrast 71, black clipping 37, shadow tones -51, lights 16, Darks -35

Edit Four
  • Virtual Copy of Edit One
  • Apply Maple Syrup Kiss (from Photo Flavors)
  • adjusted darks to -59


Edit A

  • Opened in ACR and fiddled till I liked it :D!
  • Cropped to 5x7 portrait.

Edit B
  • Duplicated image and then dup'd background layer
  • Used CoffeeShop Vintage Honey action
  • changed purple color fill layer to 70& opacity
  • deleted color fade layer entirely
  • Used 'grants tools' curves adjustment to make quite a severe S curve.
  • Flatten & Save for the web.


Edit C
  • Duplicate Edit A
  • Apply Coffeshop Johnna's Tea Party action
  • Changed Hazy layer to 8% opacity
  • Changed Contrast layer to 36%
  • Flatten & Save for Web


Edit G1
  • cropped to 5x7 using rectangle select and 'crop to selection'
  • duplicated  layer ~ used curves (severe S again)
  • dup'ed layer ~ adjusted contrast and brightness
  • dup'd layer ~ used Lasm's LAB Color Punch script ~ adjusted layers to taste
  • used Vibrant Colors script ~ adjusted layers to taste
  • Dup'd top layer and used Eg High-Pass Filter Sharpen (lowered opacity)
  • Flatten & Save for Web.


Edit G2
  • Duplicated Edit G1
  • free selected his face and created a layer mask with it on a new layer
  • Used Edge Mask Sharpen ~ applied the mask and reduced the opacity of the layer to taste
  • deselected everything.
  • Made a second duplicate edit of G1, converted to B&W
  • copy and pasted the B&W image into this one as a new layer ~ changed to 'soft light mode' but left opacity at 100%
  • Flatten and Save for Web

Edit G3

  • Using the desaturated copy of G1 created in G2...
  • Duplicated as new layer
  • Used curves to create contrast ~ severe S again
  • Added a new layer with a 'deep red' foreground colour ~ set to 'colour' mode opacity 14
  • Added a new layer with 'mid brown' foreground colour ~ Set to 'overlay' @ 43.8 opacity
  • Duplicated the desaturated layer and dragged it to the top ~ set to 'soft light' @ 36.4 opacity
  • Flatten and Save for Web.

That's all for today ~ hope you like!

I toyed with rotations and different crops.
I considered 'liquid' stretching the background, but it's a lot of work and I wasn't sure it would work well anyhow.
I wanted the whole thing to be a lot sharper, but this was difficult with the big crop.
Overall I'm happy!
I think Edits 3, C & G3 are my favourites..

Now to join in the fun head on over to FIX-IT-FRIDAY...


Buckeroomama 25 June 2010 at 17:29  

My favorite is Edit B - the vintage/honey one.

ThisMamaRAZZI 25 June 2010 at 17:41  

Wow - you did a lot of work on this image! They are all great but my fave is #3! Well done!

Lynda 25 June 2010 at 23:13  

Just subscribed to your blog, by the way. :)

Lynda 25 June 2010 at 23:13  

Very nice! I like your Lightroom edits! It's cool you show so many different edits from various programs!



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