Monday, 30 May 2011

Another Baby Shoot

It's been a while since I took photos of a baby other than my own, but some friends of mine had their baby (L) 9 weeks ago. I've been promising her some pictures, but for one reason and another, namely our busy lives, it hasn't happened until this week. I'm really pleased with what I got, taken that they live in a small flat and the light was OK but not amazing. If the weather were a little warmer right now I'd have probably headed outside, but it just wasn't warm enough. So I made do and improvised :-) I opened all her lounge blinds right to the top (although the hedge was not far from them outside, so still limited light) and re-arranged the room  to make the most of it. I used a big 'throw' slung over some chairs and the table as a clean backdrop and got down low! 

The next hurdle was little L, who had for whatever reason not had his morning nap and was a little on the tired side. Thankfully he is not a grizzly child and is easily entertained. He lasted about 40 minutes before he began to loose the plot, but played nicely all that time, he just looked a little droopy in one or two shots! :-)

Sadly Dad was out at work, but here's a little peek at what I took...

My Favourites...

and possibly the funniest..!

All you super-brilliant photographer friends of mine out there ~ what do you think? 

Can I do this? Constructive Criticism welcome :-) 

I was shooting with my 18-55mm Nikon kit lens (mainly because the room was so small) and trying to keep it around the 50mm mark, apart from the 'birds eye' shots I took. ISO 640 for the light and f/5.6 ish because it doesn't really go much lower when zoomed in this much. Speed was around 1/50 when facing, although at a few angles I was able to make it faster. I am thankful for good VR on the D5000! 

Would you shoot differently ~ what would you change? Can you see anything I've missed in the PP editing? Would you be pleased if this was a set done for you? 

My friends have seen the full set of pictures and they are thrilled ~ which is great, but it's good to know what a more critical eye can see!


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