Wednesday, 4 August 2010

In a Yellow House Photo Challenge: The Animal Kingdom

Another first for me!!

I'm not an animal lover really, but they do fascinate me, so I do take quite a few pictures of them. I'm going to paste LOTS of animals shots, but don't worry Ashley, I'll tell you which is the entry pic! 

I'll start on the farm;

My neighbour has two old cows (yes they are cows, despite the horns - they are 'rare breeds', but don't ask me which!) ~ isn't she adorable!

My other neighbours keep horses ~ this is Dolly.

And my third neighbour has a couple of crazy geese!!

Despite living where we do we do sometimes visit a farm ~ I loved this nosey little lamb!

Moving on ~ Domestic animals...

Friend one's beautiful young dog Casper ~ he's a Weimaraner (I think).

Friend two's dog ~ a lab cross. Scrappy is old & arthritic, but he is just adorable (if you like dogs!)

Or perhaps small animals are more your thing... 

If you don't do pets (which I don't really), then go take a look in your garden, insectopia is amazing..!

Did you know that ants can massacre earwigs? ~ look closely! This earwig was bitten to death, my children were transfixed by the spectacle! A real representation of the brutality of the Animal Kingdom!

But if that grosses you out (it IS pretty gross to be fair), then just scroll down for the pretties!
~ ~ ~ ~
Cinnabar Moth caterpillars
~ they feed on Ragwort weed and used to be very common (apparently), but are becoming rarer as Ragwort is routinely pulled up where it is found (Ragwort can be lethal to horses and some other animals).

THIS IS MY ENTRY ~ it was a tough choice between this and the shot below, which I adore the light in, but this one wins out because I love the DOF, I love the colours and finally it represents the impact & fragility of man and beast's interactions with each other.

Meadow Brown butterfly 

Peacock Butterfly

To enter this week competition click HERE or on the logo at the top and link up to your Animal Kingdom post.


Ashley Sisk 4 August 2010 at 13:40  

What incredible and beautiful shots - all of them. I love your entry...for all the same reasons that you do. Great work!

Tezzie 4 August 2010 at 18:00  

Oh, wow, my friend...those are all AMAZING photos! It's really hard for me to pick one fave...I love the horse...the sweet little lamb...the doggies <3...and your entry shot! (which is truly, truly cool! So many moth caterpillars in one spot! I was mildly freaked out by just the one we've had visiting us the past few days!)



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