Saturday, 23 January 2010

You Capture - "Love Around Your Home."

Beth's You Capture this week is all about "Love around Your Home!"

I didn't get to taking my shots until today - busy, busy and all. It wasn't all that easy actually. I don't keep a ton of trinkets ~ I used to, but then I had 7 children, and some of the things I love(d) are no longer :( So now I don't, but there's a few ~ up high!

A willow and a soap-stone figure. Both were bought for me by Paul.

The Soap-stone was my 'New Mummy' gift with my eldest ~ almost 13 years ago.

The Willow was a Mother's Day gift a few years ago.
Behind you can see a beautiful shell/fossil thingy - given to me on the birth of Stitch, by a friend ~ and various other 'nice' things :D

Going upstairs ~ on the landing is a map of my favourite place in the world!

...and into my room. I love my room simply because I have one that is nice at last! For several years, our room has not been a place of peace or rest, but shared with the study and a horrendous squash ~ and then we moved here! :D

above my head I have this. It's a framing of a some cards that Paul has sent me over the years - it tells a story :D

and this is the one that's still waiting for a frame - my very first Mother's Day card!

Beside my bed (on a chest of drawers that was my Great GrandFather's) is this ~ my Bible and reading notes, a stack of half-read books, a photo of my children, and a bear...

...Paddington Bear! He was given to me by someone very special just before she left for Chile to be a Missionary. She has been home a long time now, but the bear remains special to me! :D

I hope you have enjoyed a glimpse of me and mine. There's lots more interesting stories to read over at Beth's so see you there :D


Melissa 24 January 2010 at 03:44  

Isn't it fun checking out everyone's Loves! I love your 1st Mother's Day card,and the teddy! So sweet!

WackyMummy 24 January 2010 at 13:47  

Beautiful! So many images of love. =)

Life with Kaishon 25 January 2010 at 04:17  

I love that you have framed your special cards. That is awesome! And I also LOVE the fact that you enjoy your room. I think that is so important! It is nice to have a pretty place to lay your head at night :). My favorite thing of all is your first mothers day card. That is beautiful and very special!

Lena 27 January 2010 at 15:26  

I too love love love your first mother's day card! And the idea of framing some of the cards you've received from your husband is really sweet.
Great angles on your photos too!

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