Friday, 3 April 2009

Fix-it-Friday - Week 9 - Senior Spirit.


Fix 1

Fix 2


Fix 4

We began with beautiful girl in a blurry picture this week, but I hope you like my fixes (not sure I do though!!) :D

Here are my steps - all with freebie programs!

Open file in
Sharpen whole shot 7 points
Reduce noise 0.10 and 0.10

Lasso the eyes and sharpen just them another 7 points.

Save and open up in Picnik
Exposure tab; check local contrast and reduce strenth (to about a third), notch up the shadows a touch and the highlights about half way (forgot to note numbers), +20 exposure and +17 contrast.  (this gives an over all contrasty look, which I feel was necessary to loose the blur).
Rotate - to the left enough to loose weeds and drain on the right.

No for the fun bit!!
Fix 1 - simple B&W with fade to about 18% on a turquiose colour selection. Enough to bring up the green of the dress and the gold of the pompom  little, but leave everything else untouched.

Fix 2 - very similar, but this time used Hogla, faded out a touch and made a little more grainy.

Fix 3 - HDR-ish set to 20/200/77  + Boost 17

Fix 4 - same as  fix 3 above , but with added vignette at 40/40/0 & the words overlayed & faded slightly. These are from the Shabby Princess (thanks for the link Angie!).

I haven't framed any of them this time, I thought I just wouldn't this week.

All four fixes took me less than an hour to do - perhaps that shows a little to much!

Then I played some more and did these last two - only don't ask me what I did - I JUST PLAYED!! I know I used zoominess and fix 5 has cinemascope effect applied, other than that..?!

Fix 5.

Fix 6.

At the end of the day though, I'm not sure I like any of my fixes that much this week - and maybe get the 'could do better' sticker!! I just couldn't seem to get a handle on this shot, or get the clarity up to how I'd like to see it - and how others seem to have managed to. There are definately much, much better fixes than mine about this week!!

Any and all comments welcome as ever and... 

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