Friday, 27 March 2009

Fix--it-Friday Beautiful Blues


Edit One (well with a lot of saves along the way!)

Now for the HOW! 

My first response this week was... Ewww - tough one!! First things first was to lighten and brighten it all up so I could see what I was working with! Once that was done I felf her mouth was quite red and that was distracting from the eyes. I also did not like the colour of the background as it was too similar to her hair. I did try cutting her out at one point, and putting her on a more interesting background, but I simply do not have good enough software to make a good job of that - my edges are too sharp and obvious. So I abandoned that and went with taking the colour out of the backfournd/recolouring it instead. I hope you like my tweeks :D

Comments & suggestions are always more than welcome - good AND bad!!

  1. Exposure adjust - local contrast checked, Bright 47, Shadow 21, Highlight 18, exp 7, contrast 15
  2. Take into lasso eyes and brighten then back to Picnik
  3. Sharpen a little
  4. Crop and Rotate so that eyes are in 2/3 intersection
  5. Clone teeth to whiten up
  6. Eye fix - select blue and fade to 56%
  7. shine be gone to nose and cheeks
  8. soften slightly and erase around eyes
  9. Ortenish - bloom 30, b&f both 50%
  10. B&W - fade 85%
  11. colours - pick eyes as neutral colour
  12. sepia - warm ++ (forgot to note the No.) and then erase from child.
  13. Exposure (again) - 18, contrast -10
  14. B&W (again) 69% fade with mid-blue filter
  15. Vignette - 26-25-46
  16. Frame - pick her left eye for outer frame colour (size 25) , inner size 11
Here is a collage of the main stops of the journey!!

No true B&W or sepia this week as I was trying to stay with the 'beautiful blues' idea, and bring out her lovely blue eyes. I nearly went with lots of blue in the background etc, but decided in the end that this would only detract from her eyes, rather than enhance them.

I think possibly I like stage 13 a little better than the end point of this fix - I can't decide!!

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